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Activeminds Software has extensive experience in all aspects of software development using many languages and platforms. David Sawers, Activeminds owner and principal consultant is a chemical engineer by training who has over 30 years of software development experience in oil and chemicals.

Activeminds deliver software applications of all types. The most important delivery vehicles used by Activeminds are briefly described in the sections below. For more information on our capabilities, please e-mail us.

HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript

These are the main vehicles used to deliver cutting edge web applications and websites. HTML5 defines the raw content, CSS3 defines the layout and Javascript responds to user interaction. The result of using these three tools in concert are web applications that can be run on any server and displayed using any browser on any device from desktop computers to mobile phones.

Microsoft .NET

.NET is a Microsoft technology used to deliver applications for computers that run the Windows software. .NET applications are also used to deliver web applications by generating HTML and CSS that can be displayed on any browser. .NET is an appropriate vehicle for companies with existing investment in Windows applications looking to leverage existing software in new applications.

Mobile Apps

The explosion of the use of mobile devices powered by Apple, Google and other software has resulted in a huge demand for touch enabled mobile applications both for games and for serious business uses. Native apps run directly on Apple's iOS or Google's Android operating systems. iOS and Android require different programming that typically results in two almost parallel developments which significantly increases costs. Mobile apps can also be delivered using HTML5 which can be a more economical way of providing a single software product. Some of the services available to native apps are not yet available via HTML5 so the reduced development costs have to be tempered against a potential limited functionality.

Office Applications

Applications based on spreadsheet or word processing software are useful for providing business tools for everyday use. Applications are delivered by adding programming to a spreadsheet or document to perform required tasks.