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Activeminds Software specialises in the development of dynamic online applications to improve the way you do your business. Integrated with our software developments we offer innovative graphic design, photography, search engine optimization and other services to ensure your applications are second to none. David Sawers; Activeminds' managing director and chief technical officer has over thirty years experience in engineering technology, software development, technical writing and user training; mainly in the oil business.

Activeminds can execute your software development project using any of the mainstream programming languages and software packages. Our design services give you access to highly creative people, with the skills needed to put you ahead of your competition. Our project management services allow us to integrate our specialists in a single team with your own resources to efficiently produce the business tools you need.

Responsive Websites

A responsive website is one which adapts its layout to the size of the screen being used. The site will display differently on small phones than it does on tablet devices or desktop computers. This site is responsive. Try it out on different devices or, if you can, change the width of the browser window you are using to instantly see how the display changes.

If your website is not responsive, Google search will discriminate against it in their rankings when searching from a small screen device. Other search engines are likely to follow Google's lead. Your business depends on mobile users for a portion of your customer base. A responsive website is therefore essential. Let us help you adapt your existing web presence to an up to date responsive one.

Mobile Apps

Do you need a smart phone app? we can evaluate your ideas and help you decide whether you need a native app or a web application that is optimised for small screen devices.

Writing native iOS or Android apps is expensive. It may not be the best solution for you? Unless you need to use mobile specific features such as location or the accelerometer or you anticipate many thousands of users then most companies will be better off developing a web app instead. A web app only needs writing once and it then works on all platforms. Mobile apps must be separately developed for each mobile operating system.

Business Applications

A business application is any piece of software that makes running your business easier. It may be a simple Excel spreadsheet application or a complex stand-alone program. We can do them all from design through to user training.